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Chinese Medicine is one of the oldest complete medical systems practiced today, with historical references dating back thousands of years. It is an effective, empirical science based on data and experience gathered in the real world over the course of millennia. We focus on a holistic approach to patient care, using the science of Chinese Medicine with acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine to successfully treat a wide range of conditions. With a clinical specialty in the treatment of acute and chronic pain management, we have provided services for more than 200,000 patients over 27 years in US. We offer over 400 kinds of herbs in both tea form and raw herbs to treat a variety of conditions.
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A method of preventing and treating diseases
Prestigious TCM Doctor -- Dr. Gu

Dr. Gu first graduated from western medical school of China, then specialized in Traditional Chinese Medicine at Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He had experience in China as a surgeon, a medical doctor, an acupuncturist and an herb specialist.

After Dr.Gu came to the US, he achieved a Master Degree in Physiology from Temple University Medical School. Dr. Gu is a member of the Society of Traditional Chinese Medical Science of China, the Society of Combining TCM with WM of China, and the Society of Nutritional Science of China. His published books, titled 'Explanation and Discussion of Scientific Sentences in Traditional Chinese Medicine' and 'Traditional Chinese Medical Aphoristic Dictionary' are used as reference tools and highly recommended.

Owing to his strong professional background extending over 47 years including study, research and practice in medical field, Dr.Gu has accumulated a wealth of experience especially in herbology, acupuncture, tuina(Chinese massage). He welcomes you to call or visit.



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